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Kim Samuels' Conversation Starters

Ladies listen up, its time! We have to start being proactive and approaching men! And I don’t just mean shooting him side-glances from across the room, we need to be starting conversations and making the first move! I understand it can be a little scary, especially for us older ladies, but hopefully these conversation starters help you break the ice and get you laughing! (It’s the most important part!)  

In the fruit section:
Pickup a ripe (or unripe) melon, or a kiwi or a juicy nectarine (you get the point!), channel you inner Beyoncé and repeat after me:

Do you know how to tell if this melon is ripe? I swear I have never been able to figure it out! Is there some sort of secret? Besides opening it right here? I just hate getting all the way home with it and then the damn thing is no good! It drives me crazy. Do you always shop for the fruit or does your wife? No wife… Are you spoken for? No – well, hi, my name is _______!!

Walking (or strutting) down the aisle:
Laugh (Seductively!) while you’re in an aisle. When the guy (better known as your target!) looks questioningly at you, repeat after me:

Oh, I’m sorry I’m not laughing at you! I was just looking at the _________ (insert your food of choice) and remembered how my _________ (girlfriend, son, etc. Just don’t mention your ex-husband!) couldn’t cook it and made this absolutely horrible meal! (Laugh) Do you cook? Any tips on _________ (insert your food of choice) that you can share?


Farmers Market
In front of the overpriced organic food stand:
So is this organic _________ (butter, cheese or whatever overpriced food product is closest) really better? How do you really KNOW? I think all this organic stuff is just a ruse to make you spend more money! (You can get into a minor debate about this – keep it light) Yeah, I’m still a little skeptical…

While sitting outside, sipping on your $12 coffee:
Have you been to any other Farmers Markets? Which do you like? Best time/day to go? (He may tell you when he’s usually there!)


While waiting for the spin cycle:
I swear this detergent isn’t getting my clothes clean! What do you find works best?
Have you ever tried liquid fabric softener? Does it make a difference? I usually just use dryer sheets. Aren’t you sweet doing the laundry! (Cross your fingers! He may just say: If I don’t do it there’s no one else to do it!)

When he’s folding his laundry and heading out the door:
Hey! So silly question, but you seem to know your way around a washing machine!  What’s the best time to do laundry to get in and out? (It will give you an idea of when he’s there and you can run into him!)


Coffee Shop
When standing in line and waiting to pay:

Have you ever had a _________ here? I get so overwhelmed with the descriptions of all of these _________! Is there a class people take to learn all of this craziness?? (Laugh) Come on, for a newbie – how do you even know where to start??

When you’re adding creamer to your iced coffee:

Did you hear the lawsuit about them putting too much ice in the cold drinks? I can’t believe it! People are insane! Just ask for lite ice! What the hell?


When you’re waiting to finally reach your floor:

This is the _________  (slowest, fastest, pick your adjective) elevator ever!  This elevator always acts up. God forbid I ever get stuck in here I’d be screaming my head off! (Laugh) Could you imagine? What to do if someone freaks out? (Smile and laugh)


When your are aimlessly walking through the food court:

Do you know where _________ store is?  Can you suggest a good store to get a present for a guy who has everything? My brother is so hard to buy for! (Roll your eyes)
Where did you get that (those) _________? (It doesn’t matter if you really want that item or not, as long as you like the guy!)

When you’re browsing in the men’s section of your favorite department store:

Excuse me, my _________ (brother, uncle, gardener, just don’t say your husband!) is about your size—can I hold this up to you? Do you like this? Don’t lie to me (laugh)! Give me your honest opinion! I still think you are lying! I really need your help!


Gas Station
In line waiting to check out:

Have you ever played the lottery? I’m gonna get my girlfriend a gift of some lottery tickets – any suggestions? Have you had any luck? No, here let me give you my number – see, you just got lucky! (Laugh, and if he does, go out with him!)   


The Library
In line to check out books:  

How long do you have before you have to return a book? _________ weeks – that should be true for a relationship! (Laugh) There should be a return/trial period! (See where the conversation goes from there.)

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