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by Kim Samuels


Kim “Have You Lost Your Mind?” Samuels is a comedienne, author, and entrepreneur who has a profound way of taking her real life dating experiences and turning them into comical advice for the everyday woman.
For Kim it all started in Queens, NY where she married her high-school sweetheart at age 18.  When that didn’t work out she met her next husband with whom she moved to St. Maarten for ten years, but that marriage also eventually ended in divorce.  Her time in St. Maarten was not wasted though, when the stage five hurricane she survived became the inspiration for her first book: Hurricanes, Paradise and Fairytales.  
She eventually ended up in Los Angeles and decided to live out her long lost dream of doing stand-up comedy. Kim has been dating on and off since her last divorce, experiencing a variety of hilarious encounters along the way that have become the centerpiece of her standup act. But beneath the funny, Kim does offer up some solid advice on the best way for the mature woman to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the dating world.


Kim's friends and family, including her own son started reaching out to her for dating advice, and after a while she began to realize that she had a real knack for it.  Years of being sought after for her do’s and don’ts eventually led to her next accomplishment and most recent book “He’s Just Not: Dating Deal Breakers."    
With her keen radar and detective mindset, Kim is able to pinpoint questionable actions, statements and behaviors, and she’ll keep you laughing in the process.
Kim resides in Florida where she continues to date and give advice to others trying to figure out the wonderful world of dating, especially for the second (and sometimes third) time around!  


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