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by Kim Samuels

You're Single..

not DEAD

What Do YOU Want?

Dating Deal Breakers

Look Your Best  Feel Your Best


he's just NOT!

by Kim Samuels


You cannot pinpoint what is wrong with him. Maybe it's just that something is not quite right. The point is, you do not have to understand why "He's Just NOT".


Comedienne Kim Samuels takes you through some of her crazy, actual encounters and dating drama.

What started out as a naive effort to try and meet a guy turns into a hilarious learning opportunity for you.


Get ready for insights into dating "deal breakers" and "warning signs" galore. 

You will finally understand that when you hear alarm bells it doesn't mean you're crazy. The bells can mean you should stop now and not proceed into the relationship any further. 


Stop wasting your time! Find out how to save your energy in the wacky world of dating to find the man you deserve!


Have a dating dilemma? Need some advice? Want a signed copy of the book? 

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