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Dating Do's & Don'ts


A few tips to get you started!

Do exchange emails and do talk on the phone, to get some initial general information.

Do listen for any red flags and be on the lookout for any deal breakers, refer to “He’s Just Not” if you need an idea on where to start.

Don’t make your date on the same day, Do make your date in advance.

Don’t go to the movies, when you’re trying to get to know someone communication is key.

Do know you’re going to be late BEFORE you’re actually late-so call then, not at the last minute…

Don’t be late!

Don't meet anyone at your home or his or her home on a first date.

Do meet in a busy, public place.

Do always be nice. If there’s no connection you can just say “I wish you well in your search”.

Do always look presentable not “available!” Always dress neatly, not sloppy!

Do talk positively.

Don’t be a negative Nelly.

Do give & take in your conversation

Don’t only talk about yourself.

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