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by Kim Samuels

Don'ts On A First Date!

Don’t act phony or pretentious. This is not an acting audition it’s an introduction to YOU!

Don’t try to be perfect.

Don’t get his name wrong!

Don’t go on a date with someone you are not attracted to. I did not say attractive.

Do not think about the possibility of marrying your date while you’re on the first date!

Do not discuss your previous marriage or relationships.

Do not talk about your finances.

Do not delve into politics or religious viewpoints.

Do not tell him that you’ve Google stalked him all week.

Don’t question his height. If he fudged the number you can joke about it down the road…

Don’t psychoanalyze your date. “Can you not commit because of mommy issues?”

Don’t talk about how great you are!

Don’t use cheesy lines – you are not twelve.

Don't have any discussions about medical issues/surgeries, etc.

Do's On A First Date!

Phone a friend for a pep talk before the date. Make sure it’s a supportive, upbeat friend!

Do be on time. Punctuality is being courteous. Being late is rude.

Do dress to impress: neatly, understated and maybe add some color.

Do use make-up sparingly and check for lipstick on your teeth before the meet-up!

Make sure that your breath is minty fresh.


You can wear cologne or perfume however – do not bathe in it. Less is more!

Compliment your date on something!

Briefly review their profile beforehand so that you will have topics of interest to discuss. You don’t have to “study” them.

Be confident and energized! Go in with a positive attitude and a smile on your face.

Do make eye contact.

Be honest. Honesty is the best policy for a reason.

Be open-minded. If he doesn’t take you to the fanciest restaurant he might just be trying to see how you will react. Indignant? It will be the last date. Roll with it and there will be a second one!

Turn your phone off! If you are not on call for surgery things can actually wait for an hour.

Maintain your perspective. It is just a date. The earth doesn't have to move, just have a good time and see if you want a second date!

Clean out your car. If he walks you to it - it shouldn't look like a dump. Or worse yet, smell like one!!

Dating Tips! 

What are you looking for? Sex? Casual? Serious? Marriage? You need to know before you start dating.

Don’t ask someone out on a date in a text.

Don’t call or text someone more than once a day. It will make you seem desperate.

Don’t play hard to get. If you are interested answer a text within 12 hours.

Don’t check out members of the opposite sex while you’re on a date.

Don’t be too available all of the time. You might scare someone off since it seems you don’t have a life of your own.

Look for someone who is compassionate. Treats others with kindness & respect.

Get involved with activities/things that you enjoy doing. That way you might find someone with the same passion.

Women can initiate a first date, too.

If you want to call him, call him. If you want to make a move, make it!

You can offer to pick-up the bill, split the check or leave a tip: it's up to you...

Be prepared: always have cash on hand in case of an emergency!

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