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Kim’s Dating Deal Breakers

Ladies, I think we can all agree that when we first meet a man, he’s probably going to be on his best behavior. But things can change quickly and the real man will reveal himself in short order. So I asked my friends to help me come up with a list of Dating Deal Breakers…things we absolutely cannot and will not tolerate. Here’s our list and I’m pretty sure it will get you thinking about making one of your own!

Hygiene Issues –
You can lead a man to water, but you can’t make him bathe! Anything on this list sends him right out the door.
•    Bad breath
•    Body odor
•    Dirty fingernails
•    Smelly feet  
•    Nose and ear hair
•    Picks his nose
•    Yellow teeth with food particles
•    Long braided beard
•    Very hairy back
•    Pimples on face and/or back
•    A comb-over or cornrows

Manners –
It’s probably too late to teach an old dog new tricks. If he can’t even say please and thank you, you should say “see ya!”
•    Chews with mouth open
•    Licks his fingers
•    Picks his teeth at the table (or anywhere, for that matter)
•    Burps loudly, doesn’t cover his mouth
•    Doesn’t open doors for you
•    Doesn’t help with bags
•    Walks ahead of you
•    Walks on inside of sidewalk
•    Doesn’t assist on precarious sidewalks
•    Will never say any of the following: please, thank you, excuse me, I’m sorry, God bless you

Body Jewelry –
Your man should not wear more bling than you. Period.
•    Nose ring
•    Eyebrow ring
•    Tongue ring
•    Nipple ring
•    More piercings than you

General –
These should be common sense but sometimes you need an outside perspective to set you straight. Your “Aha Moment” is probably in here somewhere.
•    More than one baby mama
•    Unemployed (not the same as retired)
•    Still lives with his mom or has a roommate so you can never go to his place
•    Doesn’t have a car (unless you live in NYC)
•    No bank account and only uses cash
•    Has to use the computer at the library
•    Is a co-worker or worse, your boss
•    Married more times than Liz Taylor
•    Needs you in order to get his green card
•    Dull personality
•    Asks to move in with you after 3 dates
•    Has a tan line where his wedding ring would be (married!)
•    Clingy and jealous
•    Says he loves you way too fast
•    Has been on the TV show Cheaters
•    Has been on any court TV show for not repaying a loan (or other problems)
•    Drinks too much
•    Smokes cigarettes or cigars
•    Does drugs


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