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Of course we all know that in order to attract a man, we need to put our best foot forward. That foot better not be wearing UGGS. Even if you're running out for a loaf of bread, maybe rethink the sweatpants. After all, Mr. Right could be one aisle over and you don't want his first impression of you to be that stained t-shirt you have on. Let's get this right's nothing a bit of mascara and lipstick can't fix.

•    Keep the sleepwear in the bedroom! I know your flannel PJs are the most comfortable thing you own, but they don’t belong outside of the house. Remember when you go out, you should not look like you forgot to get dressed this morning! Not negotiable: no fuzzy slippers or pajama pants covered in images of cats should be worn outside. Period.

•    I know your daughter may do it, but that doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. Repeat after me: leggings are not pants!  Worn on their own, outside of the gym, they are a fashion DON’T. Instead wear them with an oversized top, a cute pair of shoes, some jewelry, and voila! You have a stylish outfit perfect for attracting the man of your dreams!

•    Never leave the house without earrings! Earrings are my secret weapon and they can instantly pull an outfit together. You don’t have to wear gold, diamonds or pearls. There is a lot of fabulous costume jewelry out there!

•    Just because something fits doesn’t mean you should wear it. Invest in pieces that emphasize your best assets.

•    Don’t get caught up in the numbers game…this is one case where size really doesn’t matter. Remember, if it fits properly and plays up your best features, it doesn’t matter if you’re a size 2 or 22.  

•    Remember less is always more! While you may want to channel your inner Jessica Rabbit, leave something to the imagination. Trust me, it works!

•    Listen to Dianne Carroll and cover that grey!

•    Walk the walk and talk the talk. At the end of the day, it really is about confidence. If you look good you will feel good, and THAT is what is truly attractive to men.  That, and a great pair of heels.

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